Why You Should Complete the 8 Week Success Bootcamp with Key Yessaad

   I believe every real estate agent should take an 8-Week Success Bootcamp with Key Yessaad to better improve their skills as a realtor. I have not been doing this long and am still learning systems and processes. But, in just 4 short weeks, I have noticed there is a significant difference in my confidence and motivation to grow. This class for me was not just about learning to become a “listing agent”. I knew going in, that it was going to be an intense action-based course. That it was going to be time consuming and require dedication to complete it. At first, I was not going to participate, as I did not feel I knew enough about real estate to be inclusive. But after learning this was to help form new habits as well as coaching for realtors at any level, it changed my mind. I just knew that I needed the reinforcement, discipline, and accountability to develop more appropriate routine for my new career path as a realtor. The foundation is where it counts – that foundation is ME.

    I have learned to become a better version of myself by building healthier habits. I noticed that just with shifting my schedule by a couple of hours and starting my day earlier, I have been able to create a domino effect in my daily adjustments overall. I feel better approaching my tasks, having completed my early morning positive reinforcement and foundation building. Being prepared daily, as well as having a positive mindset, I can achieve what I have set out to do. Not to mention an awesome team of cheer leaders who support one another along the way, who we call our success partners. At the beginning of the 8 weeks, we ‘interviewed’ and selected two people from the group participating, who we could encourage and grow with. I just so happened to get a couple of good ones!

    Key Yessaad is a fantastic mentor and coach, as he takes time to get to know you as an individual. Assessing each of your personal goals and self-analysis, to guide us with proper enforcement. He does a great job at creating a method, with coordinating assignments to condition the best of results. Provided you have the desire to improve and apply the effort diligently, Key, along with your success partners, will be encouraging you the entire time. I can confidently say, I have not once felt judged or uncomfortable in dealing with Key or any of the classmates he has carefully selected to participate.

     One of the main things that I have got to say regarding the 8-Week Success Bootcamp is that it has so far provided me the confidence and materials to get off to a running start with my real estate career. I realize I am only halfway through the course, but that just means I have that much more learning and growing ahead of me!

   What Key provides in this class is irreplaceable. I do not say this because he is an excellent instructor, with an exuberance in his skill. But because he pushes the good to be great, if they want it. By providing the tools and the resources, Key has not only assisted me in jumpstarting my career with the confidence. He has also given me, what I call “golden nuggets”.

    What are “golden nuggets” you might ask?

    They are profound moments or conversations you have that seem to create an indent in your memory. The ones that make you look at things in a whole new way, but with the same perspective, only greater. They give you a new outlook on things you once had a thought or feeling about, and they can be applied in a positive way. These “golden nuggets” are what I say makes this class with Key Yessaad, irreplaceable. You WILL gain momentum and have growth from this class, provided you want it.

Cedar Rapids Homes for Sale: Ashley Letsch, Real Estate Agent with Exit Eastern Iowa Realty in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Advocating for Sellers and Buyers with Professional Real Estate Services. Nothing Compares to having a Real Estate Advisor on your Side Providing True Data and Research to make an Informed and Educated Decision. You can get Information about Real Estate in Linn County and Jones County, as well as Specific Requested Areas in Eastern Iowa; by Contacting me at: 319-450-8785

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