What Is A Detailed Market Report?

I’m sure if you’ve not been in real estate or owned property of your own, you may have never heard of this before. Well let’s start with the basics. What is a ‘real estate market’? The true definition being:

The buying and selling of land and buildings.

Per the dictionary definition.

Not to be confused with a real estate market analysis.

A market analysis pertains to a list of information about homes that have sold in your neighborhood or surrounding area similar to your house alone.

Yes it will show pricing and this will be statistics that a realtor will utilize to figure out what to list your house for. Your agent is going to tell you what the best price is to list your home that is of course their job and it may be you will not agree. You may also want to interview other agents and get at least 3 realtors opinions and choose the realtor you feel with market your property the best. In the end if you want to sell then go with an agent that has a solid marketing plan and knows your community or has sold in it before!

Now, a real estate market report will contain similar comparisons and statistics as the market analysis would. However, what makes it different is rather it being targeted towards a single property, it is more detailed and provided for a neighborhood, or small town as an overview and projection in the housing market. But I like to include a bit more in mine….Let me tell you what’s in one of these!

Within one of my detailed market reports, you will find an introduction to the area including a map, recreational activities, history, business information, and sometimes a directory if there is one. I then pull information from a highly accurate system specifically for Realtors called RPR (Realtors Property Resource), with measurable data, to supply graphs, workforce statistics, and specific demographics of the preferred area.

After this, I run year over year trends and include how many recent sales in the period covered there were; how many were Single Family homes; the Price per Square foot; the Median Sold Price, etc. Next will be listed the recent closings as well as any active listings that are on the market at the time being. If there are expired listings during that period, I will talk about those and explain further what expired listings are. Lastly I add in Bonus Tips to get your home ready if you are thinking about selling. I’ve of course included testimonials of people who have worked with me in the past, as well as my contact information for any real estate related purposes.

Currently, I do not charge for these reports. I am giving them out free of charge and zero obligation! It takes quite a bit of time and research to compile all of this information for my clients, but I prefer to provide education and trust in the big decisions I’m involved in. You do not even have to be working with me specifically as your Realtor to receive one of these reports, but I would certainly appreciate a referral of someone who you feel comfortable with sharing my information. A simple kind word can go a long way!

Study a market analysis paired with a market report and see if selling your home is what is financially best for you at this time. If inventory is low then you should expect a fast sale but if numerous homes like yours are for sale at the same time then maybe a good time to wait unless your home has a fabulous feature the others don’t have like a basement, pool or other – your realtor will know best! Good luck and let me know if can answer any other questions!

Cedar Rapids Homes for Sale: Ashley Letsch, Real Estate Agent with Exit Eastern Iowa Realty in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Advocating for Sellers and Buyers with Professional Real Estate Services. Nothing Compares to having a Real Estate Advisor on your Side Providing True Data and Research to make an Informed and Educated Decision. You can get Information about Real Estate in Linn County and Jones County, as well as Specific Requested Areas in Eastern Iowa; by Contacting me at: 319-450-8785


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